To Be Successful, Tell Yourself A Great and True Lie

true lie

It is surely noteworthy to tell yourself great and true lie, because many people find it cumbersome to imagine the ability and potential in them. However, you can begin to know your potential by expressing it as a big fantasy.

I remember the days then when we were in secondary schools, our English and Literature Studies use to give us assignment on what are things we wish to become in the future every Fridays of the week.

Sometimes we may be asked to write untruths thing about ourselves which make us sound unbelievable and awesome.I later realized that these ‘lying wishes about ourselves’ were creating a vision of whom we want to become in future.

These fantasies, we only think and take them as a lie but it might play a vital role in your life. Most of the people think they are unreal and unable to see the truth about themselves and what they could become in future. Though it might be difficult for you to imagine the potential for yourself. Try to express it as fantasy as we normally do in secondary school.

Think of some stories about who you wish to become. I am very sure very soon you will start to create the necessary blueprint towards the accomplishment of your dream. The majority do not know that without a picture of taking yourself in highest, you cannot live that greatest self.

Be assured, the lies will become the truth.