MUST READ: SKUSAT SCHOLARSHIP! Is It A Gambling or Scholarsheep?



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    WHAT IS A SCHOLARSHIP? For a mere layman, it will say, a scholarship means a grant of money towards education. However, to broaden this and for the sake of this topic, a scholarship can be said to be an amount of money given to somebody by the organization (Public or Private) to help pay for their education.
    WHAT IS A GAMBLING? Gambling is the activity of playing games of chance for money and of betting on some elements. It is a way to risk losing something in the hope of being successful. That is, to lose something as money, possessions, and so on.
    However, from the definitions let us go straight to the business of the day. SKUSAT Scholarship is a programme to give an educational grant of up to N300,000 to the winners. That is after successful aptitude tests of scoring a high grade of 80%. Also, a consolation grant of N50,000 and N20,000 to other categories of applicants who also perform well but do not meet the required yardstick.
    However, it should be clearly stated that this form of scholarship or the so-called educational grant, which is being conducted by SKUSAT I think should not be called any other name than GAMBLING.
    As defined above, Scholarship says; for granting of money without involving the kind of risks attached to SKUSAT. For me, I think the risks a participant or seeker might which to take can be surfing the internet for necessary information about the scholarship. Registration costs if involve submitting and attaching of credentials and some necessary files.
    In the opposite one, the gambling game called SKUSAT scholarship has done more harm than good to the populace of Nigeria; they have robbed Peters to pay Pauls. Sincerely speaking, some have gained and won from this scholarsheep scheme but what about majority whom they have indirectly impoverished. The scholarship scheme is for you to register, generate some codes and PAY ONE THOUSAND NAIRA (N1,000) to enter the aptitude test. This, a thousand naira collected from each candidate is being used to pay whoever emerges as a successful candidate.
    However, SKUSAT might be seen as a good scheme to help poor students. But for me looking into this, reasonable men and women will agree with me that SKUSAT is a GAMBLING GAME, not a scholarship.
    Though it is a free world to enter our stand is that a review should be done on their scheme. Let their scholarship be free for indigenes and not indirectly using this scheme to exploit the poor Nigeria Students. Be laughing with joy when generating income and leave the poor students in a sad mood of OHHHH I HAVE WASTED THIS ONE THOUSAND NAIRA.
    Finally, to all great Nigerian students, this is not to discourage you for scholarship scheme. We demand reasonable scholarship, not a gambling game. Even a brilliant student might even fail this type of Skusat scholarship test because of some questions being asked there. Surprisingly people gang up teams from different fields or specialization for the so-called SKUSAT SCHEME and still fail.
    An adage says; the silence of the good leaders or men add more to the harmful elements of the society. By the way, what we are saying is that, don’t be surprised if you see this GAMBLING SCHEME called scholarship been started by another organization very soon.