SHOCKING! Tradition or Madness? Can You Allow Your Wife or Mother To Do It?

    Can we call this tradition, culture or madness?  
    This is an astonishing scenario I have ever witnessed in this world. Does this barbaric act called culture or tradition still exist in this 21st century of ours?
     During a walking around in a city in Osun State, what I could never think I will ever see really happened and I really saw it.

     It was a real shock because the scene was just unbelievable and unimaginable for me.

    A married woman walking around the city without covers (Naked) and she is being followed by friends and relatives.

     I ask myself why? A sane woman walking around and the markets naked like she is being paraded and surprising enough, the friends and relatives following her were telling people she is not insane, she is performing a rite.
     RITE? I later asked someone why is she doing such shameful act called rite? I later gathered that whenever a child falls down behind a woman she must go around with nudity for performing a rite to avoid the calamity that might occur in future like; 5 sons might die or 7 daughters might die.
     So, because a child fell down from her back she has to walk around the city with her nude!

     Can you allow your mother or wife do perform such rite?