Can We Wipe Out Corruption And Bribery From Our Country? See Causes of Corruption


    Corruption has been one of the major diseases facing some countries in this 21st Century. Many believe corrupt men are not worthy to be a living, they should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Some people have the opinions that the punishment should be death by hanging because they have done more harm than good in the society.

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    Corruption is one of the biggest threats to the well-being of any society. It is also as cancer that damages the whole system of a country. Corruption degrades the quality of the assistance and also ruins living of the common man. Many countries in the world are afflicted by this problem called corruption.
    Political functions who promised to stop and take steps to eradicate corruption have being voted for power. This kind of shows the significance of corruption free society and government.
    Unlike like developed countries, corruption is at a high rate in less-developed countries particularly Nigeria. The causes of data corruption in Nigeria are many and quite complex that the promises of the political parties to eradicate problem aren’t easy.
    Corruption is generally seen in occasions like jobs, businesses, special offers, election campaigns, sports and many others. Below is the list of Main Reasons for Corruption
    Low Pay scales/ Wages:
    Most of the employees in government sector are paid low salary and salaries. Hence some employees revert to data corruption to get more financial benefits.
    Low Job opportunities.
    This kind of is another cause of corruption. Due to deficiency of job opportunities at will, there are many people who like to visit for corruption mode to get the job offer. Also, they are ready to pay large some amounts for the job offer to the higher officials or political figures.
    Lack of Stringent and fast punishments:
    Whether or not someone is found guilty ridden or even caught red-handed by the anti-corruption administrators or media, the convicts get less punishment. Initial they shall be suspended for few months or weeks and then re-posted to another location with same Work grade and pay. And so this means the recognized who did the tainted practice is given a free of charge
    license to continue his practice.
    If the authorities are so strict that any such corrupt situations will lead to long lasting removal from the job and also punishment like several years imprisonment then the corruption will come down to a huge extent.
    Lack of ill celebrity:
    If a person is found to be infected or has done some unacceptable misconduct, he or she must be avoided and not be respected. However, in Nigeria, those with data corruption and other offense related history are given dominant positions like the customer of parliament or even higher posts. Rather than being disrespected they are respected.
    Lack of Unity in public places:
    Public publicly criticize corruption but oddly enough there is no oneness among the public to stop corruption. If a person wants to get his done his work, he gets it done by corruption means if at all possible and then later criticizes the corrupt official. In the event that the public stands against
    corruption in such a way that no-one is ready to offer a portion to get their work done then, the dodgy officials will have no other option but to work in corruption-free manner.
    During the election, political figures try to lure the people by providing money and other things. In the event these politicians win and get power, they make an effort to restore 10 to 100 times the amount spent because of their elections.
    Lack of transparency in affairs and deals:
    Many seat selection processes like in education, contracts for the job, worker income reports (wealth possession), etc lack transparency. Intended for this purpose, there is a new act particularly RTI: directly to information, but the act is not strong enough to prevent malpractices.
    The absence of Independent private attention:
    Nigeria as a country has no individual private eye which can investigate with the full ability and freedom to uncover the corrupt individuals. The existing agencies like Central Bureau of investigation are named by the greatest court of Indian legislative system. This as a bird signifies how frees these investigating agencies to work. Hence, anyone who commits offense will not be afraid of the investigation as they can escape from it through the help of judgment political party.
    Choice of many political parties:
    It is clearly known that in Nigeria anyone can form a political party. Thus there are many political parties in India. If the political party wins, then the members in it will desire to grow the party to all over the country. To do so, they want enough financial reserves. Just for this, once they come into electric power, they opt for dodgy methods to make the riches needed to expand the party.
    Insufficient enough powers to the legislative system and other impartial organization.
     Like the selection, commission cannot ban a politician from contesting in the event that they make a blunder or do not conform with the rules during the election campaign (like releasing money to people etc). Similarly, the judicial system has low options to punish someone who is found to be
    Insufficient accountability:
    In authorities, there may be a major trend of corruption. This is because of lack of responsibility. The employee’s on authorities’ offices do not perform to their par superiority. If they receive 90 files to be cleaned in a week they might not exactly even clear 60 of them in this week. They tend to
    postpone the clearance of the files. So those who are in the urgency of the clearance have to get them done by rewarding the officials engaged in the clearance office. This lack of responsibility in government offices is chief cause of file corruption error.
    Encouragement of bad competition:
    Though, competition in business is a good signal for the quality of service to be delivered. Nevertheless, in Nigeria, there is an encouragement of unhealthy competition.
    Also, when there is a tender, you can notice that only a few companies bid for it. This kind of is because the firms having political relations have higher chances of winning and some do not. So, companies with no political effect are not going to bid for the tender in-spite of being a good company. However, that is here a number of buyers for a tender will be low due to political interference.
    These reasons for corruption have to be eliminated for better progress of the nation.
    Taking Nigeria as an example, this country would have flourished and been better than its current position. However, as a result bad, wicked and corrupt leaders we have been having, this great nation endowed and blessed with resources instill an under-under-developed country.
     Being a youth of our country, what do you think about this topic.
    Can we wipe out corruption and bribery? If yes, then how?

    Please share your views on this topic…


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