ALERT: “”: A Fake Internet and Work-From-Home Job Website

    The website ‘jobrize .com’, which claims that you can earn money performing certain tasks and activities that are given to you, is a scam. Do not register with the website or other similar websites like it, because you will only help make the scammers behind these websites get richer, and put yourself at risk when you provide them with your personal information.


    The website is similar to,, and a lot of other fake online job websites.

    All the scammers did be to change the name of the website and the content.

    These scammers will continue to use the same website under different website names. So, if you stumble upon a website looking like the one above, please do not register or take part in any activity on it.

    1. User from Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria:
    Yes it is a scam. I wasted my time and effort too.

    2. User from Norway:
    They are indeed scammers, but it will not be well with them.

    3. User from Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
    That’s what happened to me.. out of curiosity I purposedly asked my friends to view my link and managed to reached USD 300. I am trying to claim but a survey needs to be filled up. However I am not able to open the link.. I sent email to them but no response yet.

    4. User from San Mateo, California, United States:
    The website is a fake.

    5. User from Cainta, Manila, Philippines:
    Me too, I have already earned 365$.

    6. User from Makati City, Manila, Philippines:
    This is a scam 101%. I lost my effort. Also, I tried sending the link to my friends on Facebook. However, I got 450$ but can’t get the commission.

    7. User from Europe:
    May god punish all who create data stupid website…..I have almost got 5000 dollars.

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