Mobile Airtime Recharge Codes for First Bank, GTB and Sterling Bank

    recharge codes

    You will notice that things are getting easier by the day and they are all welcome developments as life itself is supposed to be easy if only you have good intentions and philosophies just the way we have for all
    of you.

    Gone are the days when recharging of your phone has to be done only when you walk up to a recharge card seller before you can load your phone.

    Have you imagined emergency cases when you are without physical cash and it happens that you needed airtime urgently.

    Yes, it is true that you can now recharge your phones via POS, ATM, on the web and even with certain mobile apps that you have to install first.

    And again even the network providers are now offering what they call Borrow Me Credit and pay later with interest which is not a bad idea.

    But another question here is; what about on another case of emergency and you want to borrow airtime from your network provider and it happens that you are not eligible to borrow certain amount, or do you even think that it  is everybody that likes borrowing airtime and  paying
    with interest?

    That is why we are now talking of the best, fastest and easiest method now of buying airtime without moving an inch and without having to pay any interest and even more so, without installing any difficult app to your phone, but just by dialing a code and the amount of airtime you need and your phone will be credited with the exact amount.

    Banks across the country are beginning to offer their customers this easiest and fastest way of recharging their phones where it is required for the customer to just dial the required code and amount.

    It is in this vein that we are bringing to you the First Bank, GTBank and Sterling Bank airtime recharge codes.

    But you have to note that on dialing of any of the codes that we are going to be dropping; it is the phone number that is currently on register in any of those banks that will receive the airtime.

    Now, straight to the codes for airtime recharge for the aforementioned banks;

    = => For First Bank customers

    If you want to recharge your phone at any particular point in time, simply dial the code *894*Amount of airtime needed#

    For example, if you need to buy N100 airtime, pick your phone and dial it this way *894*100#

    = => Those on GTBanks should dial the code for airtime purchase *737*Amount of airtime needed#

    = => For Sterling Bank customers that want to buy airtime, dial *822*Amount of airtime needed#

    When you dial any of the codes for your respective banks as given above, your phone will be credited instantly with the amount of airtime you requested and that same amount will be deducted from your bank account without any additional charges.

    If you have been making use of these services on other banks you can use the comment box below to kindly share the codes for your bank.


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