How To Transfer Credit On MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat Mobile Networks

    transfer credit


    Do you want to transfer credit or airtime from one sim card to another but you don’t know how?

     Here is a simple article for you on how you could transfer credit from MTN to MTN Networks, Glo to Glo Networks, Airtel to Airtel Networks and Etisalat to Etisalat Networks.
    These are the strongest and popular networks in Nigeria. Read below on how to transfer your credit/airtime.

    How to Transfer Credit from MTN to MTN

    Before you can initiate a transfer from any MTN line, you would need to
    create a secret pin. This secret pin must be known to you alone, and the
    pin must be four digit numbers. Anyone that knows your pin can transfer
    your credit without your consent.

    How to Change Your Transfer Pin from Default

    You will need to change your transfer pin from default to a memorable
    number. The default pin is 0000. You can change your pin via USSD or

    How to change your pin via SMS

    • Send the following command via SMS to activate your new pin 0000 1234 1234 to 777
    • The 0000 in the command signifies your default pin,
    • The 1234 in the command signifies your new pin,
    • The repeated 1234 in the command signifies new pin confirmation.
    • You can change the 1234 in
      the code above to any code that suits you. If entered correctly, you
      will receive a message that your pin has been successfully changed.

    How to change your pin via USSD

    To change your transfer pin via USSDdial *601* default/old PIN* New PIN* New PIN# then press the send button. For example, if you want to change your pin from default to 1234, you will dial*601*0000*1234*1234#. If entered correctly, you will receive a message that your pin has been changed successfully.

    How To Transfer Credit On MTN

    You can also transfer credit from MTN via two means. The means are USSD and SMS.
    How to transfer credit via SMS: Transfer 08065655230 200 1234 and send it to 777
    Red = Recipient Number
    Yellow = Amount to Transfer
    Green = Secret Pin
    If entered correctly, you will receive message telling you to confirm your command by sending Yes to 777. If you want to cancel the transaction, just send CANCEL to 777.

    How To transfer credit via USSD.

    To transfer credit via USSD, dial *600*Recipient’s phone number*amount in Naira*PIN# then press Send/Ok. If entered correctly,you will receive a text message confirming successful transfers.

    How to Transfer Credit from Glo to Glo

    If you want to transfer credit from one glo sim to another, dial
    *131*recipients phone number*Amount*Pin# then send. It should look like *131*07053627819*100*12345#.
    Immediately you send the command, you will receive a message back from
    the network telling you to confirm by pressing 1 and press 2 to cancel.
    Default PIN is 00000

    How to Change or Create Glo Me2u Transfer Pin

    To change/create your Glo ME2U transfer pin, dial *132*00000*New Pin* New Pin# then send.

    How to Transfer Credit from Airtel to Airtel

    To change airtel transfer pin, send the command below as SMS to 432
    Pin Old Pin New Pin e.g Pin 1234 9090. Airtel default pin is 1234.
    To transfer credit from one airtel sim to another, you need to enter the command shown below.
    2U (space) Recipient’s phone number (space) Amount (space) Pin. This will be send as message to 432.
    Example: 2U 08128902673 100 1234 to 432

    How to Transfer Credit from Etisalat To Etisalat

    To transfer credit form your etisalat sim to another, you will need to
    locate the etisalat service menu in your menu list. Once it is located,
    click on Balance transfer and after that, a security code box will
    appear requesting for your pin. The default pin is 0000 and afterward
    you would be required to enter the amount you wish to transfer. You can
    also change your default pin from the service menu.
    Another means to transfer credit from etisalat is by dialing *223*Pin*Amount*Phone Number#

    For questions and help, use the comments section.