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Regardless of who you are, where’ you from, you can make money this year.  My mentor often tells me
something, that” On every new endeavor, try and shut the door of the past, but only take the experience you learn from your mistakes”.


Which invariably, I’m telling you that whatever money making ideas you’ve learnt over the years and is not working, just put them aside because I’m about to give
you a real gem to start with this year.

How will you like it to start making money from the comfort of your home? Not “comfort” like that, because you need to take action. What the “comfort” thus mean, is for you to be your own boss, money making ideas that’ll be giving you $5,000 monthly. So what are you waiting for, grab a seat and learn the new ways to make more money online.

Below are some ways that I’ve tried out over a couple of years, and have made me thousands of dollars.

  Money Making Online Ideas For 2015 

1. Blogging:

I’m very sure some people will say blogging again; after how it’s hard making money with blogging? But I’m here to tell you something. Blogging is a business, and there is no how you can make money blogging if you don’t spend on

For instance; you have a grocery shop in a complex wherein there are other 3 grocery shops there, then how do you survive?

I believe it’s very normal in this part for you to look for every means to make your office/shop stand out.

Therefore, you’ll have to make some painting, i.e. make you your shop more attractive and accessible.

All I’m trying to say here is that, if you really want to make money with blogging, then you need to start with your blog.

Starting with your blog in template section, how flexible and light your blog is, what is the speed when people search for it, is your blog mobile optimized?

How have you placed your AdSense codes?

Do you promote on social media? Also, do your ads show on mobile?

Do you submit your blogposts to search engines immediate after you post?These and much more are the things you need to check.

Let me tell you this, making money on blogging by ads is by clicks, not by impression. Try and get an expert to optimize and structure your blog for you today.


  2. FIVERR 

This is an online marketing, where services are rendered at ridiculous prices of $5-$100. What are your skills? I believe every blogger has the skill to offer on Fiverr.

Just in 2 months when I started on Fiverr, I made a whopping $500 which most bloggers never make in 3 years on AdSense. Display earning One of the advantages that bloggers have on Fiverr is that the fact that you are in blogging niche, then you are bound to make cool money within a short while.

We have services like back linking, Solo Ads, seo, programming, graphic design, etc. When I started on fiverr, I leverage on the fact that I was in blogging niche, so I was doing back linking and solo ads, which fetch me enough money. So what are you waiting for; go to fiverr and open an account in respect to your skill.

  3. Selling Ad space

Very cool way of making money. On several occasions, I’ve been approached by some readers and surfers that they wanted to advertise on my blog for 1 month and I’ll be paid $200.

Imagine you having this kind of approach twice a month which means you’ll be making $400 per month on just selling ad space. However, advertisers won’t just approach you if they have not scrutinized you blog well and they would have checked so many parameters like: Your traffic, Alexa ranking, links to your site, etc.

For you to get to this level, you need to be updating your blog frequently, in other to keep the blog alive on search engine.

  4. Sponsored posts
Though very hard to get, but there can still be few sponsored post a month if your blog meets up with the requirements. The first requirement is your blog template.

How responsive and optimized is your blog? Most times, I don’t matter the traffic you get daily, but do you have a very good Alexa ranking? How influential is your blog on social media? These are some of the criteria you need in
other to be able to get a sponsored post.

5. Sell Your Something
At this level of blogging, if you keep complaining about not making a dime from your blog, then you need to check yourself. Endeavor to sell something. There are many valuable things you can sell.

Information packaged in pdf, tools, templates, hosting, domain registration, services etc. We have lots of things you can sell…. I believe this is the best opportunity for you to make money again this year.

  6. Email marketing 

This is a very good and hot service on fiverr. It could also be called solo ads. It is a situation whereby you pass across messages through sending emails to subscribers.

In this case, your subscribers can be used, though depending on how large is your database. However, we have tools like email sender that is used to message.

Most especially, affiliate marketers need this service a lot, for sending their product, messages and links to targeted audiences. The messages are sent directly into the receiver’s inbox.

However, I believed I’ve not said it all because I know you have one or two ideas running through your mind. The listed ones are only written based on the ideas I’ve used to make money online.

What have other money making ideas you tried? The comment box is open for you, and we’ll love to hear from you.


Also before you leave this page, endeavour to share this money making ideas with your friends on social media, and also make sure you bookmark the page.


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