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Interview With Rosy Omeje: The Brain Behind Rosymeje Blog

Interview With Rosy Omeje – An Award Winning Model, Freelancer, Computer Techie, PR, App Developer, Programmer and Blogger at http://www.rosymeje.com. Today, SABTrends brings you another...

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3 Perfect Ways To Look After Your Brain as You Get Older

As we age, the brain seems to be working at a slow pace as many people think. Many aged people will be expected to forget things easily. What we may not be able to realize...

FILSU ELECTION 2016: The True Story behind it and The Way Forward

Greatest Nigeria Students, Articulate Nigeria Students and ever-conscious Federation Iwo Land Students' Union (FILSU). Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. - Martin Luther King, Jr. December 28th,...

5 Reasons Why Exercise Can Supercharge Your Productivity

There is nothing new about the fact that exercising indeed benefits you by improving your productivity. When you work out, your internal organs remain fit. In addition when you exercise it gives a boost...

6 Simple Communication Ways to Improve the Way You Speak

Communication is a great gift for people because it helps them to achieve many things like employment, business deals and others. The people have to speak well otherwise they can’t get many opportunities and...
Ear Infection

Prevent the Risk of Having Ear Infection in Children

Many infants, who are under three, have the infection in the ear. Although the adults also have the cause of ear infection, the children are usually prone to this condition. A survey has also...