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Promise Excel

Blog Interview : Meet Promise Excel the C.E.O of MaverickExcel

SABTrends BLOG INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SABTrends at it again, it is my aim to help young folks to achieve their goals or objectives. Last week we brought you one of the top bloggers in Nigeria, an...

Alcohol: Link Between Liver and Brain May Control Consumption

Dropcap the popularization of the “ideal measure” has led to advice such as “Increase font size for large screens and reduce font size for small screens.” While a good measure does improve the reading...

3 Benefits of Listening in A Relationship

No relationship can flourish without effective communication between the couple. We always hear about communication being the key in a relationship. Listening and effective communication is the key point that connects husband and wife...

5 Amazing Reasons Why Crying is Good For Your Health Status

Crying is seen by almost everybody as a bad thing. The impression the act of crying has gotten has made us not realize that there are positive sides of crying. When someone cries, we...
Bachelor’s Party

Bachelor’s Party? 6 Powerful Tips to Get Ready like a Pro

What do you generally wear to a bachelor’s party? Well, that certainly depends on what the guidebook calls for. Every wedding celebration calls for a different kind of dressing because every wedding is different....