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Top 10 Challenges You Will Face As You Are Getting Older

This life is so sweet when you live long there, witnessing or celebrating a birthday of 60, 70 or 80 years. However, there are some challenges you will face as your number in age...
blood sugar

Foods That Can Control Blood Sugar Levels For Diabetics

Patients with diabetes or who have unstable blood sugar levels often have to be aware of the foods that they eat. Vegetables and fruits are always so excellent for diabetics. High fiber to control...
student life is golden life

Why is Student Life Hailed as The Golden Life?

There is a common phrase which we all have become accustomed to, student life is golden life. But why is that so? It is because from childhood to old age, the most memorable time...

Great Lessons Death Teaches Us!!

LESSONS DEATH TEACHES US!!Death is inevitable. No one prays to die (YOUNG), the main thing is to let people remember you for something good. DEATH IS THE MAJOR THING WE SHARE IN COMMON Death of something...

Eggplant Benefits And Nutrition Fact You Must Know

Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is rich in benefits. Plants that came from India can be easily found around us. Besides its high fiber and rich in vitamins B, eggplant also contains minerals such as magnesium...