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Bachelor’s Party

Bachelor’s Party? 6 Powerful Tips to Get Ready like a Pro

What do you generally wear to a bachelor’s party? Well, that certainly depends on what the guidebook calls for. Every wedding celebration calls for a different kind of dressing because every wedding is different....
Ink and Pen

The Latest Trending Blog in Nigeria” Ink and Pen ‘s Blog

Ink and Pen’s Blog – Rapport Naija is one of the fastest growing blogs that constantly provides contents such as Nigeria Daily Newspapers Headlines, Political Opinion Articles from different writers, Poetry, Short Stories (Fiction...

8 Team Building Tips for Leaders

 One would have to lead a team to get the hint in Mr. Benaud’s message. It is no fluke like the one-liners he used to churn out. Our guy has seen it all for...

4 Perfect Ways on How to Treat Blackheads Externally

Blackheads and acne can be an unappealing issue for many individuals, specifically the peer-pressured teen. They can appear on your forehead, nose, chin, back, chest as well as any type of part of the...

Great Lessons Death Teaches Us!!

LESSONS DEATH TEACHES US!!Death is inevitable. No one prays to die (YOUNG), the main thing is to let people remember you for something good. DEATH IS THE MAJOR THING WE SHARE IN COMMON Death of something...