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eye disorders

5 Common Eye Disorders and Tips To Prevent Them

5 Common Eye Disorders and Tips To Prevent Them The eye is a very important part of the body. It plays a vital role in the lifetime of any human being. No matter how valuable...
blood clots

3 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Clots During Period

Heavy menstrual bleeding (blood clots) is a condition known as menorrhagia. Some women experience this severe, prolonged bleeding for several weeks or more. At the moment, when a woman is often so exhausted, stressed,...
pain relief

Back Exercise : 5 Amazing Lower Pain Relief Techniques

If you have a backache, lower pain relief is the key to painless living. A good exercise can help people relieve their back pain. The type of activity that you should do for your...
Sugar intake

Sugar Intake | A Lot of Lives Lost after Common Heart Procedure

Sugar seems to have developed a reputation as the big bad wolf in relation to health. We have reported on numerous studies associating sugar intake with increased ageing, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even cancer....

Impact of Relaxation on Productivity and Stress Relief

We all feel stressed at some time or another and this stress can lead to health problems if we do not learn how to relax (relaxation). However, not all stress is bad for us...