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online dating

Does Online Dating Cause People To Lower Their Standards?

Slide to the left, slide the right. Criss cross! A little throwback to the 2000 school dance favourite, Cha-Cha Slide, never hurt anyone and, oddly enough. It bears a resemblance to a seemingly benign...

10 Facts You Should Know Before Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Whenever we look at our face, we seldom look at the beauty which our eyebrow creates. They make all of us look human, and establish our looks, but sometimes we can only appreciate its...
oral health

5 Ways on How Oral Health is Linked To Other Diseases

Many people still believe that poor dental care (oral health) can lead to cavities. However, this is completely not the case. The truth is poor oral hygiene can lead to many serious illnesses such...

9 Simple Ways For Ladies To Move on After A Break-Up

Heartbreak could break. However, if it's a romantic partner, let's say such break-up is all the more depressing? Sometimes you can feel that everything falls apart after you're with someone you love. There is...

Blog Interview: Another Sessional Interview With GIFTADENEWS BLOG

SABTrends BLOG INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog? Answer: I blog at GAN Blog and the blog is all about latest and juicy gists, gossips, entertainment, politics and...