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Every Second Counts In Your Life To Make An Impact

The second can said to be the next after the first or inferior or subordinate but the second I mean in this article is not the definition above. The definition of a second I...
online counselling

4 Ways Online Counselling Is Helping Executives With Stress And Anxiety

At Counselling Online we are providing online counselling services in Australia through SKYPE using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We are seeing a number of executives and busy owners presenting with symptoms of anxiety,...
white bread

3 Main Reasons Why White Bread Is Bad For Your Health

This one item that has long been a constant at every body's breakfast tables, has earned quite a bad reputation over recent years. We keep being told that white bread is bad for us,...
competitive advantage

5 Competitive Advantage Lessons You Can Learn From A Military Sniper

Competitive advantage is the advantage you have over your competitors. What makes you special and stand-out among all other candidates. In this post, we shall learn some competitive advantage lessons from the military sniper. This...

Can We Wipe Out Corruption And Bribery From Our Country? See Causes of Corruption

Corruption has been one of the major diseases facing some countries in this 21st Century. Many believe corrupt men are not worthy to be a living, they should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Some...