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lucrative business

List of 20 Most Lucrative Business Ventures in Nigeria

Lucrative business in Nigeria? Are you thinking of Investing in Nigeria but don't know where to start from or which business to invest your money into? Here are top 20 most lucrative businesses in...
cover letter

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for the Right Job?

There are a number of contradicting opinions when it comes to writing cover letters. How much time should ideally be spent on writing one? Does the hiring personnel even bother reading them? Or is...

Tetanus: Facts, Causes, Symptoms and Therapy Management

Tetanus derived from the Greek word "stretching" is an acute disease caused by the anaerobic (without oxygen). Clostridium tetani bacteria Gram-positive, non-capsulated spore-forming bacteria Clostridium tetani ("C. tetani"). C. tetani can withstand very high temperatures and...
medical equipment

7 Important Tips for A Medical Equipment Purchase

We know a lot of care is needed with medical equipment. They are for a profession that saves lives, so quality is the last thing on line. Similarly, prompt delivery of tools is also...

4 Signs That Show You Are Born An Entrepreneur from Childhood

 Here are some signs that you have always had innate abilities to having a successful business or entrepreneur. How to spot indications in your own kids, and how you can nurture them. In case...