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10 Food Hacks That Will Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which a person has accumulated so much body fat that this can have a negative effect on health. If a person's body weight is at least 20% higher than...

To Be Successful, Never Become A Detector Of Your Life

Detecting on a mere ground simply means, finding or revealing an error which is hidden. A single question I ask myself daily, is that, is it worthy to be a detector of my life?...

5 Hidden Benefits of Playing Lottery Online

Now that there's been a rise in online lottery sales through lottery messenger services/broker agents. Its benefits have become more and more clear. Making people ask you why they got it such a long...
cover letter

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for the Right Job?

There are a number of contradicting opinions when it comes to writing cover letters. How much time should ideally be spent on writing one? Does the hiring personnel even bother reading them? Or is...

The Most Important 3 Causes of Middle Back Pain

It’s a normal day, and you are performing your daily tasks as usual. Suddenly, you feel a concentrated sharp pain in the middle back (middle back pain). Small bones (vertebrae) comprises of 12 vertebral...