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FWB Dating Mistakes to Avoid

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FWB Dating is a boon for anyone who wants to enjoy sex without strings attached. This kind of relationship is simple and yet it also involves straight-up lying. For those who are not aware of FWB dating, things can become quite complicated. This is why it pays to learn from these mistakes to avoid.

Pick the wrong partner

The first mistake you need to avoid in regard to FWB dating is picking the wrong person. There is more to choosing your partner than simply being turned on by them. You also need to think about whether your partner is ready to offer you the same deal in your relationship. If you are not careful, you could easily be used by your partner. So, it makes sense to look around the club circuit. There are plenty of FWB dating sites. But if you want to find the best, be sure to check out these FWB sites. You can use this site and choose the FWB site that best suits your needs. Second, you need to make sure you derive the same amount of pleasure out of it.

Wrong timing

Another common mistake people involved in FWB dating need to avoid is not ending the relationship when the time is right. Unless you and your partner share the same feelings. You could end up on the wrong side of the relationship and this is when you need to make a decision to end things. If your gut feeling tells you it’s time to quit, then you must. Don’t make the mistake of dragging things on as things will only get worse.

Don’t be swayed by the opinion of others

The third mistake you need to avoid is letting the opinion of others sway you. If you have friends who are skeptical about FWB dating, then you should not let such opinions sway you. After all, it is your decision to enter FWB and so if your friends don’t think it is right, then you will be better off ignoring their opinions. You should be ready to experiment and you should give new relationships a test. Just make sure you feel safe and you also need to develop a good communication with your sex partner.

Learn to have safe sex

Perhaps the most important mistake you need to learn to avoid is not paying attention to having safe sex. You may be young and ready to try anything but this should not blind you into doing things unsafely. So, have sex but make sure you use protection because there is no sense in being reckless. Using a condom makes sense and if you are a woman, then you should be ready to take birth control pills.

In case you feel that you have had sex that was unsafe, then make sure you hurry to see a chemist get the required pill to help protect you from venereal disease or something like that. It also pays to undergo STI screening and if possible you should also get your sex partner to undergo such screening. The best way to enjoy FWB dating is by having hot and steamy but safe sex.

For many people, FWB dating puts them in a situation when they are confused about whether to do something or not. Keeping communication lines open with your sex partner and making sure that each one gets the love they deserve is the best way of enjoying FWB dating.