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How to Advance Your Sex Life with Meditation

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Meditation can be described as a practice with the goal of helping you feel more contented with your own life.

Sex is an important part of romantic relationships, but unfortunately, in many cases, it has been corrupted.

Many cultures and couples believe that sex is a spiritual encounter; a means to connect our souls through our bodies. It’s a poetic thought.However, romantic and intimate as it may be, sometimes we lose our fire, and sex- like many things in life- becomes a routine chore.


No matter your situation; whether you are looking to rekindle the spark that drew you to your significant other, or just looking to try something new that will intensify your sexual activities, meditation is a fantastic way to reconnect your body and soul.

The reason for this is that meditation is the practice of awareness. It brings us closer to our own spirits and allows us to see things as they are, therefore giving us control over our thoughts and emotions.

Sex- while it remains exciting- is often practised mindlessly. When we become accustomed to being with someone, the relationship has great potential to stagnate. We grow so used to being intimate with a specific person that although sex still feels good, it slowly ceases to excite us the way it used to. This is normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about. What’s important is making an effort to reignite your relationship.

Meditating to improve your sexual experiences is something that will work for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle.

That said, it is always recommended to practice safe sex to protect your health and that of your partner’s too. Meditation will also benefit you both inside and outside of the bedroom.

How Meditation Benefits Your Health

Meditations benefits our health in many ways. This has been proven time and time again by neurologists, psychologists, and physicians.

Research has confirmed that meditation has a number of incredible health benefits including:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased dopamine levels
  • Increased melatonin levels (which means better sleep)
  • Better breathing and healthier lungs
  • Healthier brains and improved neurological and cognitive functioning
  • Lessened symptoms of anxiety and depression

It also has a number of spiritual and psychological effects. Studies have shown that regular meditation and practices in gratitude and mindfulness make us kinder, more empathetic, more relaxed and happier people.


But how does this affect your sex life?

The best part of meditation is the emotional effect it has on us. Here’s what it can do for you:

– It Will Make You Aware Of Your Emotions

And so you will have a deeper connection with your partner. Realising that our behaviors have consequences makes us better people. So we treat others with kindness and replace our negative traits with loving, positive ones. If you and your partner are satisfied with each other’s company when you are fully clothed, sex will become fun and emotional again. It will be an expression of love, rather than simple, mindless pleasure and this will make it more intense.

– It Will Heighten Your Senses

Mindfulness especially will teach you to experience everything to the fullest. Since sex is such an explosion of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, really and truly experiencing it- instead of merely participating without paying attention to its effects on you- will become almost addictive and bring you and your partner closer together.

– It reinforces and Strengthens Relationships

Along with the physiological benefits of meditation, it also gives us skills that strengthen the dynamics of our relationships. You will become more patient, more compassionate, and a better communicator which will remove a lot of negativity from your life (and your relationship). When the foundation of your relationship has been restored, your souls will learn to bond again. Sex will be an expression of something much deeper and will take on whole new energies you won’t believe you have missed out on.

That’s just the thing- meditation rejuvenates the spirit. If you believe the old myths that sex is more than physical, you can’t do without this energy.

The Best Sex Meditations

Meditation can be whatever you want it to be, and you can improve your sex life using it. The most important decision you have to make is whether you are going to meditate for and by yourself or with your partner. This is entirely up to you, but meditating with your partner will amplify the effects of the practice and so it is highly recommended!

There are different things that you can try, from incorporating meditation into your daily regime and harvesting its long term benefits, to learning exercises such as the tantra. There is no wrong way to meditate so long as you meditate with your mind, body, and soul.


3 Non- Physical Meditations

1) Visualisation

Don’t pretend as though you have never had any sexual fantasies. We all imagine ourselves as tigers in the bedroom at some point in our lives. Again, this is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it can be used to your advantage.

A simple way to kink up your sexual encounters (especially if you are in a long-standing relationship) is to imagine your sex as mind-blowing.

Picture your fantasies clearly- but make sure they feature your partner (not a celebrity, or a secret crush, for example). You can do this with your lover, and discuss what you have fantasized about to get to know each other better, or you can keep it a secret so that you won’t hold anything back. Be creative.

The point though is to visualize clearly, every detail of your most desperate sexual desires with your partner, no matter how farfetched they may seem to you.

You will be surprised at how arousing this can be, and also how much sexier your partner will seem when you snap back to reality.

  • Just be sure to keep your fantasies positive. While no one can stop you from visualizing violent, unconventional or dark thoughts, meditation is all about love, light, and respect. You won’t benefit from it if your thoughts carry cruelty with them
  • This meditation can be taken to the next level if discussed with your partner, and you are both willing to give your fantasies a try in the bedroom. It’s worth a shot!

2) Opening Your Chakras

For those that don’t know, chakras are points in your body where your energy is concentrated and therefore have the potential to get clogged up.

While our energy should flow smoothly, often the contaminants we are surrounded by like pollution, stress and negative energy or pain, blocks these chakras and we can no longer function as flawlessly as we should. Sex is energy too, and sometimes we suppress it. Opening your chakras can invoke sexual energy the likes of which you have never experienced before- and is a powerful form of meditation that will revitalize your entire being.

3) Concentration Meditation

The aim of concentration is to focus on one thing and one thing only to the best of your ability. This is a powerful way to assert what you want and need in this world. It’s also a wonderful means of relaxation. If you focus on your sex life, you will perhaps gain personal insight into how you can improve it. Your body will also release stress and tension and this will make your sex far more pleasurable. This is a great meditation to do every day. It’s recommended to spend at least twenty minutes (during the morning or evening) practising concentration meditation.


3 Meditations You Can Try During Sex

1) Mindfulness

As mentioned above, mindfulness is about experiencing what we go through to the fullest. This meditation is discreet, and in practising it, sex won’t be disrupted (but it will be intensified). Focus on the sex you are having. Feel everything as well as you can. What’s engaging your senses? Pay attention to all that is happening to your body, your partner’s body, your emotions and your thoughts. It’s amazing and is how sex should be done regardless.

2) Navatrantra

More commonly known as tantric sex, has been defined as “the weaving and expansion of energy”. Rather than having intense physical sex, Navatantra takes the slow and steady wins the race approach and is a way to connect two lovers at the spirit, rather than the body. This will heighten your senses and your awareness of your partner’s soul. It is spoken for by many participants as a practice that will induce and magnify your orgasms. It’s also easy to practice and is perfect for all couples.

3) Massages

It might sound like an old cliché, but giving your partner a massage (or receiving one from them) is such a simple, yet effective way to give your sex a boost.

The reason for this is that massages can be combined with all sorts of meditations. For example, as your partner is massaging you, you can visualize your fantasies, or practice mindfulness to make the most of the experience. Physical contact between lovers does not always have to be erotic. Massages relieve tension and loosen up the muscles. They make us calmer and are a fun, satisfying way to bond with your partner.

Whether or not the massages lead to sex is up to you!