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hair care

Four Chemicals To Avoid In Your Hair Products | Hair Care

Want Healthier Hair? Chemicals You Should Avoid There are many household products that you can save money on by switching to lower-quality (and therefore cheaper) solutions....

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belly fat

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Exercise At Home Naturally

Do you want to know how to get rid of belly fat problems? Losing fat and weight isn't only to look better for the others, but also feel better and avoid health problems related...
recharge codes

Mobile Airtime Recharge Codes for First Bank, GTB and Sterling Bank

You will notice that things are getting easier by the day and they are all welcome developments as life itself is supposed to be easy if only you have good intentions and philosophies just...

7 Perfect Ways To Engage Your Partner in A Relationship

Romance and relationships are all about how you are engaging with your partner, whether you two get along well or not, and so on. Communication being THE most important aspect of every relationship, it...
facial palsy

Facial Palsy: Facts, Causes, Infections and Management

Facial palsy, otherwise known as Bell's Palsy, is a condition that affects nerve and muscle in the face, causing paralysis or hanging from one side of the face. Most people who experience the situation...
software development

10 Best Practices of Software Development For Effective Management

The above quote from Mr. Pike is a great way to describe exactly where the software development stand today.