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Rosy Omeje

Interview With Rosy Omeje: The Brain Behind Rosymeje Blog

Interview With Rosy Omeje – An Award Winning Model, Freelancer, Computer Techie, PR, App Developer, Programmer and Blogger at http://www.rosymeje.com. Today, SABTrends brings you another...

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The Perfect Way on How Waist Trimmers Work

Every single one of us tends to be a little crazy when it comes to being toned, having a slim, lean waist and of course, abs. Alas, no good thing comes easy. Waist trimmers...

10 Food Hacks That Will Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which a person has accumulated so much body fat that this can have a negative effect on health. If a person's body weight is at least 20% higher than...

ALERT: “www.jobrize.com”: A Fake Internet and Work-From-Home Job Website

The website 'jobrize .com', which claims that you can earn money performing certain tasks and activities that are given to you, is a scam. Do not register with the website or other similar websites...
working for yourself

7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Start Working For Yourself

Working for yourself is the best form of self-employment. Are you really tired of taking instructions and orders from some persons called boss at your work place? Do you wish that you could change...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey For Skin and Your Face

Honey is the solution to human health since ancient times. Honey is often referred to as the food of the Gods. It also has many remarkable properties. One of the properties is a material...