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You Should Create a Structure to Finish What You Have Started

It is not surprising to see people starting a number of projects and efforts in life. While even more uncommon to see them hanging...
diet pills

How Do Diet Pills Work

Let’s find out how many types of nutritional supplements you know. The most widespread category includes versatile shakes or powders. These products (diet pills)...

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10 Surprising Safe Sex Tips to Protect You From STDs

STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) are infectious diseases that are transmitted from individual to individual through intimate contact. STDs can affect children of all ages and backgrounds who have sex; It does not matter if...

6 Simple Communication Ways to Improve the Way You Speak

Communication is a great gift for people because it helps them to achieve many things like employment, business deals and others. The people have to speak well otherwise they can’t get many opportunities and...

4 Tips to Effective Networking

by Chris Atley I have the privilege of both attending and speaking at a lot of events. It seems to me that a lot of people were still networking “old school”! Like sitting down at...

FILSU ELECTION 2016: The True Story behind it and The Way Forward

Greatest Nigeria Students, Articulate Nigeria Students and ever-conscious Federation Iwo Land Students' Union (FILSU). Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. - Martin Luther King, Jr. December 28th,...

8 Powerful Things That Make Men More Attractive to Women

Despite the fact that an entire movie about being attractive to women was dedicated to What Women Want (starring Mel Gibson). Men today are still confused about what women actually are looking for in...