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certificate of love

So Funny! Can You Give or Take This as Certificate of Love?

Surprisingly, I got this funny if not childish ‘certificate of love’ from one a secondary school student who proposes a lady but the lady’s response was astonished I tell you. She sets an examination...

Read To Grow: How Reading Improves Your Body And Spirit

Read to grow as a person and as a professional Did you know that reading can increase your intelligence, develop your thinking flexibility, improve your memory and ability to focus and make you a healthier...
headband sleep

Headband Sleep Monitors: Helping You Achieve A Good Night’s Sleep

Have you heard it, headband sleep? Sleeping is when the body recuperates from the day’s activities. And a good night’s sleep is one of the prerequisites of a healthy lifestyle. While some people can...

Thank You All! SABTrends finally unleashed its domain name

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,Today 27/4/2016, SAB changes from www.saminuabass.blogspot.com to www.sabtrends.com though the SABtrends was officially unleashed on 23/4/2016. What a day! Today marks that awaiting day which many of our fans, visitors,...
breast cancer

How To Perform A Breast Self Examination To Prevent Breast Cancer

Although doctors recommend that women begin practicing breast self-exams (BSE) at age 20, many are still unaware of how important this procedure is to their heath. As 1 in 9 women will develop breast...