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Top 7 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Must Avoid

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No doubt, only a few men don’t fall in the fashion mistakes. Who told you men don’t care about fashion? We care as much as the women, we just don’t make a fuss about it like they do. After all, looking good means feeling good. When we manage to put on a great look, who knows how many hearts we might win, right brothers? Men should try to avoid any sort of fashion blunders.

All right, enough small talk

Every man should be what he wants to be. The way he dresses speaks volumes about him. But there are times when he completely disregards aesthetics. When his fashion sense is marginally unacceptable.

There are times when colours, fabric and size go out the window. When looks need to be unseen or forgotten.

Some brothers do not just get it; wearing colour rioting T-shirts with oversized flowers of different shapes and size does not help your course either. Jeans for men that are too torn or too tight could also be a disaster. There are times, when men make mistakes; fashion Mistakes.

So take note of the following fashion blunders;

  1. Wearing Socks with Sandals

This is a cardinal sin. It robs your footwear of its look and manages to get you a few awkward stares. It’s worse when these socks have patterns on them. Bro come on! Get a grip.

  1. Trousers that are too long

They just hang by and haunt all of us. But it’s understandable. Your waist size and height don’t always match. But it’s essential to get your pants altered to fit your height. For example, I’m slim and 6’4 tall so I don’t always find trousers that fit me perfectly. The ones that fit my leg length have a very big waist SBD the ones that fit my waist are too short. Here is what I do; I take it to my neighbour (he’s a tailor) and he fits it for me according to my preferred measurement.

Your local tailor can slim it to your size. The market close to you has the great collection of chinos and men’s jeans. Make sure to buy the right size.

  1. Sports Wear Everywhere

Also, one of the fashion mistakes men make comes from the love for sports. We know you love Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal but Track pants and sports jerseys are not to be worn with formal shirts, nor are they fit to be worn to work. Maybe even cut down on the sports jerseys. Include a few smart Men’s T Shirts to your wardrobe. Mix things up, shop online for some great smart casuals on Reliance Trends.

  1. Oversized Coats or Suits

No these are not a power statement, they don’t make you look corporate. Shoulder pads that sag from your shoulders, sleeves that are too big, and coats that are loose are big are not cool. Fitting is everything when it comes to making a fashion statement. Any good boutique can provide an assortment of coats and jackets to fit your needs. Buy one today.

  1. Too Many Accessories

Accessorizing is not a crime. But before you wear that bandana with your blazer, think again. Wear accessories, but the right ones. Also, some chains are not necessary, if you want to look dapper, try avoiding blings that make you look immature. You’re not an upcoming artiste.

  1. Short Sleeved Shirt with a Tie

This is one of the major fashion mistakes or blunder. And also, fairly common. Many in the corporate sector make this mistake generously. Sometimes, knowingly. Well, it’s time to stop. Full sleeved shirts for men are the right choice when a tie is involved.

  1. Poor Quality Threads

Fake leather is a great example. It looks the part, but it will never be the real deal. You’ll never save by buying clothes that are of a poor make. Even if they look great. Because when they don’t last you are at a loss. It takes just one round of laundry to show. It’s really embarrassing to find that your new shirt has started discolouration, just after a wash. Be it Men’s jeans, sports jerseys (they can tear so easily) or T-shirts for men, quality is King.

Therefore, my dear men, it’s time for some reflection. Maybe your wardrobe could use some rearranging this week or the next. With these tips, you have learned fashion mistakes to avoid as men.


Godwin Adoga is an art enthusiast and a lover of progressive culture in society. He is a writer at Hiphop Head Nigeria and you can tweet at him @og_adoga