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Top Five (5) Biggest Mistakes Human Beings Make

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 As a matter of fact, human beings are all bound to make biggest mistakes. No man is perfect, the imperfection of human beings makes us commit many errors and make some mistakes. Mistakes are not made intentionally sometimes while some people do make mistakes intentionally. Mistakes sometimes make you think and know where you have done something wrong which calls for improvement or fixing of such error.
However, we as a human being using the excuse of imperfection to do some uncalled for actions and unethical things. Never really on the imperfection of man to make some silly mistakes in your life. Try to avoid as much as you can all sorts of erroneous acts in your life.

Furthermore, as caption by the headings or topic, the five biggest mistakes that human beings make in their life. Though we are all bound to make mistakes but we should be not bound to the extent of making these biggest mistakes. The lists below give the biggest mistake made by human being. 

1- Human beings listen half
2- Human beings understand a quarter
3- Human beings think one-eighth
4- Human beings react double and finally
5- Human beings remember FOREVER
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