Importance of Drinking water You Must Know

drinking water

Drinking water or other beverage should be done between meals, and not during them. Having liquid in your stomach at the same time as you have food makes it harder for the stomach to digest the food and can cause problems such as gas and/or other stomach troubles.


30 minutes before a meal and two hours after one is what’s most optimal. If your stomach is empty and you drink water, it passes through after half an hour. For food, it takes two hours.


I stopped drinking water during meals last year. I did it to see if I felt any difference, and I did. Got a “better” one’s overall stomach feeling.The first weeks or so was hard to not drink because you’re used to doing it, but now I’m used to not drink during meals.It’s all about change one’s habits.




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  1. […] Drink plenty of water, you can swap your hourly tea or coffee with sherbet (with less sugar or no sugar), lemon juice, water mixed with lemon juice, mint, ginger crushed. Drink water every now and then. As a healthy person, you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. For men, the amount of daily water consumption is 3 liters, for women, it is 2.2 liters. So, do not deviate from this amount during your constipation. […]

  2. This is a very informative and interesting post. I am getting here some important information.It will help me to drink enough pure water every day.every people should be drinking 8 glasses water every day.


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