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Interview: Meet Oluwabiyi Ayodele The Brain Behind EarnBase.com

Earnbase comes our way. SABTrends has been in the search for another great and exclusive interviewee for this for our readers. Eventually, we were...

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Mango Health Benefits And Nutritional Value You Must Know

Mango has a myriad of benefits that are good for the health of our bodies, can treat diseases such as cancer, helps digestion because it is rich in fiber and many more benefits and...
Build Your Own Sauna

Build Your Own Sauna Now ! Spending Less Than $100

As you know saunas have many benefits for the health, but some people have real problems with money, and cannot buy anything like the infrared sauna due to their limited income. Why do we advise...
Cannabis oil

A Guide to Cannabis Oil in South Africa You Should Know

There are a number of different cannabis oil(s) that are available in South Africa. Though, you are able to vaporize these oils with a vaporizer that you are able to get at vape shops...

Top 10 Quotes on Overcoming Failure

Failure is daunting and devastating. In reality, nobody wants to fail. But let's see it; failure is a part of life. Whether you are rich or poor, intelligent or not; At some point in...

Blog Interview : An Interesting Interview With Felisterisike Educational Blog

SABTrends BLOG INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog? Answer: My name is Felister Isike, and I blog on available scholarships for all Africans, Career, Educational articles and news...