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The Power of Change To Make Your Fortune

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Change is imminent. Fortune and Success come only with your determination to change. You can succeed in any endeavour with determination, commitment, perseverance, endurance or taking risks. However, sometimes things might not come the way you expected. If you think things are not going as you wish then it is time to change the way. Changing the way to where you can enjoy or understand better than what you are doing currently. Many think staying or doing it over and over can solve it but if trials over trials fail then the only joker you have to turn your life to a fortune is Change.
I read a story yesterday of a lady who have always struggled with people’s decisions for her. In her lengthy heart touching post, she narrated how she has been pushed/rushed into doing many things. She never really planned for herself, or things that were in a later plan on her schedule. Tired of living another man’s life. She took the bold step for once, called their bluff, and followed her heart.
Even though she hasn’t achieved all she set out to get. She could see the signs of better things to come, she concluded. Her story is not very far from mine. Many a time, I have set out plans for what’s next after each stage of my life, only to conclude that, and sail in a different area of life, completely ignoring the former for a better offer. I changed the dream! She stopped living an imposed dream. The similarity? We realized we needed a change. The only powerful tool to make us our fortune or success is the change.
Life should not in any way be rushed. The main thing is to have a vision and plan towards the vision, there are many ways to skin a cat. Only the big goal, the vision, is meant to be constant, the process of achieving it could change at any time. I learned of a guy who was admitted to study medicine in the university, but after his first exam, he failed woefully and was almost shown the way out of school; upon the timely intervention of a well-respected family member. He switched courses to the language arts, not only did he graduate having the first class. He was also retained as a lecturer in the institution!
What more could he have wished for if he were a medical doctor that he doesn’t have today? Life indeed is a lesson, only you must heed the lesson fast, be honest and realistic with yourself. It’s your life, you’re the architect! If you ain’t comfortable with the design, pull it down and start all over again!


Are you facing challenges in your current endeavour over a long period of time, and you have done all your best, still no positive result? Why waste time? Also, why not change the direction? Why not try something else? Why not search for a new job or toll a new career line that’s in resonance with your passion?
Don’t stick to what’s not working after doing all possible to make it work, thread a new lane. Dreams do change, but keep the vision constant! I believe your change today can lead you to your fortune and glory land.
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