So Funny! Can You Give or Take This as Certificate of Love?

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Surprisingly, I got this funny if not childish ‘certificate of love’ from one a secondary school student who proposes a lady but the lady’s response was astonished I tell you. She sets an examination question which comprises of subjective, theory and filling the gaps before he can accept the proposal the boy.
Reading the so-called certificate of love, I was asking myself, so ladies of nowadays are now wise by taking this bold step but for me, I think men will be somehow
smarter to overcome this strategy. I even think, thus this not an archaic way of either accept or reject a proposal. Now, it is left for you to read and comment, whether you can answer the examination questions because of love or would rather find your way?
The ‘Certificate Of Love
reads as this;
INSTRUCTION OF LOVE: Please think carefully before you fill this certificate because you will not disappoint what you have chosen forever.
In Section one, you are asked to choose either YES or NO in the given comprehension below and in Section two, you are asked to fill in the missing words.
1.      Do you really love me? YES or NO
2.      Do you love me with sense?   YES or NO
3.      Do you love me with the whole of your heart?  YES or NO
4.      Will you make me as your one and only shining stone in your life?  YES or NO
5.      Will you be trustworthy in all your movement?  YES or NO
6.      Will you be straight forward with me at all times?  YES or NO
7.      Will you disappoint me in future? YES or NO
8.      Will you advise me when I need your advice?  YES or NO
9.      Will you be reacting badly to me when I sin against you?   YES or NO
10.  Will you care for me when I need your care?
1.      What is Love?
2.      Why do you love me?
3.      What do you like best about me?
4.      Among your 100% love, how many percents do you love for me?
5.      Who is your first love?
6.      What is her name?



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  1. Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching says

    Lol! I'm not sure how I would feel if I received one of these certificates and I really can't see myself ever giving one, although some of the questions are good one to ask.

    1. SABTrends says

      Welcome Potter

      You made a very good point. It is a pleasure having you on SABTrends Blog .

      Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

      Have a nice time

  2. Unknown says

    The 'childish' questions are usually the trickiest ones we either cannot or don't want to answer :)Marta Nightingale

    1. SABTrends says

      Welcome Unknown

      You made a very good point. It is a pleasure having you on SABTrends Blog .

      Thanks for visiting SABTrends and I also appreciate your contribution.

      Have a nice time

  3. Nessa says

    What is love is such a great question. i think that's an important one to figure out before saying it… some of the questions int he first block might be difficult to answer accurately.. but good to think about! thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Joanna says

    This looks like a questionnaire for the oracles we had while in general school, when we were trying to find out who are the crushes of our school mates. I wish I still had one of those now, and laugh reading the answers, after almost 20 years.

  5. ana de jesus says

    Its hard to define what love is but to me love can be platonic as well as romantic. Love is doing anything for someone or something you love and dedicating your time to making things work.

  6. leXHansplaCE says

    I can answer these questions and more but maybe I will answer on conditions that what ever thw answer, I will get the certificate.

  7. Liz Mays says

    These are some cute questions but many of them can definitely be relevant for long term relationships. I remember seeing things like this in school!

  8. Elizabeth O. says

    This is probably for younger couples or those who are in the earlier stages of the relationship, just for fun. It's really something that teens will do, reminds me of young love!

  9. Ana Ojha says

    Trust me, its so difficult to answer these simple questions! It reminds me of school days when we used to play this kind of games!

  10. Jennifer L. says

    Wow definitely some food for thought with that certificate of love. I don't even know where I would begin!

  11. Varun Rain says

    These questions will make you think forever. A good set of challenges to answer. I wouldn't know how to explain these answers too.

  12. Abdulmalik Amodu says

    Well I think if you are honest about your love for her, you can answer most of the question with all sincererity

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